Montegrappa Middle East FZCo

Founded in 1912 as a “Manifattura pennini d’oro e penne stilografiche” (“Manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens”) Montegrappa has been manufacturing writing implements for over a century. Montegrappa – originally known as ELMO – benefitted from a pool of local talents, a workforce able to produce finely crafted objects, with style, with panache and with a drive to achieve excellence.

Montegrappa’s factory is located on the bank of the River Brenta, the river winding through  the town of Bassano del Grappa. Montegrappa’s geography and its Italian heritage are important elements of the company’s persona. ‘Italian-ness’ is at the heart of  Montegrappa tradition. It defines the brand philosophy, its attitudes, its style.

Joint Venture

Montegrappa Middle East is a Joint Venture between Arabian Marketing Corporation and Montegrappa Italia, established in 2009 when the Aquila family re-acquired Montegrappa Italia from the Richemont Group.

Operated as a subsidiary of Montegrappa, the Joint Venture’s role is to manage all aspects of the brand including PR and distribution for the Middle East, Africa and the Indian sub continent.


The operation is managed by Arabian Marketing Corporation in Dubai Airport Free Zone, and through this partnership, AMC has helped Montegrappa in developing their global diversification strategy and Montegrappa has now launched a successful watch, jewellery and fragrance business.

Notable amongst the friends of Montegrappa are the great racing driver Jean Alesi and actor, writer and director Sylvester Stallone. So deep is their affection for the brand that both are now shareholders and board members.

Montegrappa was acquired by the Richemont Group, one of the great world leaders in the field of luxury goods, in November 2000. During the period that followed, 2001-2005, the brand operated initially under the aegis of Cartier, eventually being controlled by Montblanc.

Due to fortuitous events: In June 2009, the Aquila family reacquired Montegrappa, effectively – to paraphrase Bob Dylan – “bringing it all back home”.

Montegrappa Lifestyle

Montegrappa has evolved from a writing instrument company with over a 100 years of heritage to a luxury lifestyle company. Living the Montegrappa Lifestyle has seen some of the most renowned icons give their endorsement to the brand. 

The Montegrappa Lifestyle is where old-meets-new, street-meets-boardroom, fashion-meets-function – the rules have changed to encourage a new freedom and cross-pollination. Salvador Dalí stands side-by-side with Quincy Jones, Pelé kicks a ball to Ayrton Senna, the tradition harmonises with Hip-Hop.

Scent of the Montegrappa

The climatic conditions derived from the  mountain’s positioning have favored the integration of shrubby type vegetation, typical of Mediterranean zones, with northern, mountain zone formations that occupy little space.

The grand floral richness of Monte Grappa is also derived from anthropication which, in preferring fields and pastures being mowed, resulted in large areas of forest being cleared in the lower altitudes.

Scent of the Montegrappa

Two seductive scents represent the NeroUno spirit, appealing to the most delicate of the senses: smell.


For the ladies, a perfume capturing – and enhancing – the allure of the modern woman. Montegrappa’s parfumiers have created an intoxicating blend of citrusy Bergamot from Calabria, Tuberose and other ingredients, with a base of delicious Vanilla, Cedar and Sandalwood -an effect that is earthy and urbane, all at once. 

For the man, NeroUno offers a sophisticated masculine fragrance, combining the finest herbs and spices from the Monte Grappa mountain, with Mediterranean citrus aromas and wood oils, perfectly blended by our master perfumers in Italy.

Our master perfumers are constantly blending to produce new and exciting fragrances.